Make “You Time” Why Therapy?

We are encouraged to seek out a yearly physical exam to ensure our bodies and organs are functioning optimally, and set healthy, attainable goals the upcoming year. Why is the mind left out from this routine time and time again? The brain serves as the hub and command center for our functioning. We are told to “make time for ourselves” but when will we incorporate the psyche into our personal Rx pad?

So much progress has been made towards breaking the stigma around seeking therapeutic support. Something tells me that you are reading this entry and have some interest in taking care of your mind as well. Welcome, I’m glad you’re here! No matter age, situation or time of transition, an issue is never “too small” nor “too big” to seek support through individual therapy. There’s no better time to make “You Time” fit into your life.

It is often said to “practice what you preach,” and I have experienced first-hand that saying “no” and making time for my personal care is priority. As a container for many of my clients’ pain, I know my duty to present myself as balanced and open to all of them. I have found that writing a list of small moments of gratitude AND incorporating physical movement into my every day routine are my moments of “Me Time.” I was first introduced to therapy as a high school student and found the experience relieving, special and private, which is what I wanted and needed (I didn’t know that then). This clinician left such a lasting impression on what it felt like to truly unload and feel refreshed going back into the busy world of high pressure academics, extracurriculars and, what felt like, my entire future riding on my shoulders.

I know I am practicing what I preach now when I make the call for peer support or more formal therapy, depending on the matter. All therapists benefit from having a therapist at some point. I am not ashamed to admit when I need a “check up above the neck,” I like to think that is what contributes to me being real with my clients in our space and time together. 

Showing up open and willing is the only requirement for working on myself and that’s what I tell my clients as well. No matter what type of change you look for in life, whether it be fitness, spiritual, social or mental, the dedication, consistency, and active participation will reflect what it is worth to you.