Call Me Professor

Welcome 2021 and on to new pursuits! I have decided to add a new feather to my cap. Next month, I will be joining the adjunct faculty in the Human Services Department at Palm Beach State College. I have jokingly asked my family to call me “Professor” from now on and warned those who do not should beware of their final evaluation! I have a tendency to jump into several activities and commitments quickly and wholeheartedly, so I realize how easy it is to become overextended and overwhelmed. With that in mind, I have decided to practice mindfully and gradually enter into the world of online teaching next month. (Pinch me come February 1st!) There is something about this new pursuit that feels like a perfect stepping stone towards sharing my passion, knowledge, and experience with others interested in the field of psychology and social service.

When I was working in a residential treatment center several years ago, I recognized the heart and soul many staff members possessed for this important work. Some held experience from their own journeys through recovery, personally connected through family or friends, or were simply professional empaths by day. I recall the eagerness and excitement in their voices when they asked questions about my educational path to become a clinical therapist. While my journey was expedient and swift as I narrowed in on this exact career path, I recognized the multiple layers of professionals offering different contributions  to running a successful program. Just because I had a masters degree did not take away from the “street cred” or life experience of many of my colleagues. I gladly encouraged my co-workers pursuit for higher education or credential to capitalize on their innate gifts coupled with training and credibility. When the opportunity arose to train the rising workforce of the mental health arena, I felt the draw to take part in the mission to train quality, passionate, and balanced professionals who would eventually join me in the clinical sphere.

I welcome the intellectual challenge that may arise with teaching adults. I feel confident in the content I will share and know my passion that I have built through professional experience will support my pursuit to serve others and continue learning. I am eager to observe and guide the future helpers of the mental health community, to develop their own growth mindset and envision possibilities for themselves and those they will impact in their future careers.

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